Movie Month: Jackie Chanuary

I can’t believe Jackie Chanuary has come and gone without me ever having blogged about it!

My roommate had the idea to do a Movie Month where we watch Jackie Chan movies in January and she even had the awesome idea to call it “Jackie Chanuary”. Being a sucker for word play and Jackie Chan, I was 100% in. Unfortunately, life got really busy and we didn’t have time to finish the entire list we made, but I’m still going to talk about it.

Here was our original plan:

Week 1 – Drunken Master (1978), Project A (1983), and Rumble in the Bronx (1995).
Week 2 – The Police Story trilogy (1985-1993)
Week 3 – Drunken Master 2 (1994), Rush Hour (1998), Shanghai Noon (2000)
Week 4 – Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978), Operation Condor (1991), The Foreigner (2017)

We only made it up to Drunken Master 2, but I wanted to put the full list to immortalize our plans haha.

The Bad

All of the movies were pretty good. I actually wouldn’t say any of the movies were necessarily bad. Police Story 2 was kind of boring during certain parts and Police Story 3 had high and low points.

The Good

Rumble in the Bronx is pretty great and was fun to revisit since it was such a huge movie in my childhood that I haven’t seen in like 20 years. Some of the action is pretty great and the comedy is good. The first Police Story is also really good. The girlfriend is a hilarious character and the misunderstandings between her and Jackie Chan are so funny, plus the action scene at the mall at the end was incredible.

The Best

The two Drunken Master movies are incredible. They both have the old school Kung Fu movie feeling but with some really great Jackie Chan comedy infused in it. They are ridiculous and over the top and the action is awesome. The way Chan stages his action/comedy scenes remind me so much of the old school comedy greats like Chaplin or the Marx brothers. Both of them have amazing fights in a restaurant worth watching. Project A has a really confusing second act that doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the movie, but the beginning and ending of the movie are probably my favourite Jackie Chan stuff I’ve ever seen. The ending has Jackie Chan (who is a coast guard agent), Sammo Hung (his thief friend), and Yuen Biao (a police officer) all go to a pirate’s base and they are all there for separate reasons and all undercover and they don’t know who each other are and it is so funny. It has so many hilarious misunderstandings and good old fashioned gags, combined with some awesome martial arts action. So good.


I really hope to finish the other movies as soon as I get a chance but for now I’m trying to watch all of the 2017 Oscar noms before the Oscars so that I can do an actually informed post and maybe actually enjoy an awards show for once. If you haven’t seen the Drunken Master movies or Project A, I would really recommend those two, but honestly all of the choices on the list are pretty great (actually The Foreigner is the only one I haven’t seen yet so I can’t vouch for that right now).

I have no idea how to conclude this post so uhhhh Peace out pals!


Ideas for Cinematic Universes

Well pals, let’s talk about the concept of the “Cinematic Universe”. I think it’s pretty well known, but in case you don’t recognize the term, a cinematic universe is when the movie studios try to create a whole bunch of interconnected movies that aren’t really one franchise, but instead a bunch of franchises that all take place in the same world/universe. The obvious example is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor all came out and then joined together for The Avengers, and after that it has added so many more characters and different movies and tv shows all in this same universe. Star Wars is kind of doing this now. DC is trying to do this but without the same success. Universal horror tried to start one with the Mummy movie from this summer but the failure of that movie makes it questionable. Harry Potter is sort of expanding right now but it remains unseen if the Fantastic Beasts movies will lead to more movies in the same universe.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the concept. I feel like good stories need good endings and nothing can really end when the studios want to just keep making countless new installments and side stories. Often the best movies create such a powerful atmosphere that it can’t be replicated or expanded the way these universes try to. Like for instance, I love the Nolan Batman movies but I couldn’t imagine for a second seeing that version of Batman showing up in a Justice League movie or punching Harley Quinn in a Suicide Squad movie.

But still, I’ve been thinking lately about what stories would make a good cinematic universe. In order to make a cinematic universe you need something with brand recognition, something with an interesting/exciting setting, and something with lots of interesting characters. I thought of three things that would work.

1) Greek Mythology

I’m reading The Odyssey right now and as Odysseus is in Hades talking to Achilles and they are sharing their stories all I could think of was “all of these stories could be their own movie. If Greek mythology was a cinematic universe, this book would be The Avengers”.

Greek mythology has so many great characters doing essentially superhero stuff in a cool magical version of history. The brand recognition is definitely there and it is one of those things where people sort of know it and will be like “Oh yeah! Hercules!” but don’t actually know the stories well so a writer would be able to take the stories wholesale without the majority of people realizing and could take liberties where they want without ticking people off.

I don’t know where to start it though. Hercules is a good jumping off point since there was a 90’s show and a Disney movie about him, so everybody knows him. Also his story would introduce Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Hera, and maybe Hades who would all be in further stories. A big problem though is how many bad Hercules have been made in recent years, so maybe people would dismiss the idea without even seeing it.

2) Dungeons and Dragons

Well shifting from classical fantasy to high fantasy, I think a cinematic universe could be made with the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Next to Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, Gygax’s Dungeons and Dragons is probably the most influential fantasy creation. The monsters, races, and settings have been used in countless other fantasy stuff. I think most people know it even if they’ve never played it and it definitely has a huge built in fanbase.

To make it work as a cinematic universe, you’d have to take different campaigns from the book and just adapt them. Invent a party of characters and put them through a somewhat popular campaign. If the first movie does well, do a sequel with the same people but invent a few new adventurers to join the party. At the end of the second movie have the party split up and then make movies on the separate groups. I think they could make at least a few really good fantasy movies just by following that simple process.

3) Overwatch

Overwatch is a cool online multiplayer first-person shooting game. What separates it from Call of Duty or Battlefield is that in Overwatch you have these really cool characters to choose from that each have their own weapons and their own play style. It is a lot of fun, it is really popular right now, and it has this super rich backstory that could EASILY be made into a movie or two.

There are so many characters in Overwatch, and in the backstory these characters belonged to different teams that helped stop the robot rebellion or whatever. To do this as a cinematic universe, they should do a couple of movies first focusing on different groups of characters in the backstory, and then have them all come together to fight each other in the big Overwatch movie. It would be a really cool action shooter with really fun characters.


I don’t really know why I was thinking about this yesterday but it was rattling around in my brain for a while so I just typed it up for y’all to enjoy! Are there any things that you think could be adapted into a great cinematic universe? Comment it up. In the meantime, peace out pals.

Obligatory Update

Hey everybody. I don’t have much to say but it’s been 2 weeks since my last update so I feel like if I don’t write something soon, this blog will become like some of my other blog attempts that have eventually been forgotten and deleted.

Life’s been extremely busy and not great lately. I’ve had two bills for $400 each this month that were unexpected and doesn’t actually forward my life at all. One was a dentist bill for $400 because my insurance policy changed without me being notified and the receptionist didn’t check my insurance before my appointment at the end of December. The other bill was from when the screen on my phone shattered while inside my pocket which rendered the touch screen unusable. Apparently to fix the screen on an S8 costs $400 because the curved screen.

My current schedule is pretty busy with a couple of 12 hour days and Friday being the only weekday where I’m home before 8 or 9. I’m trying not to complain about it as I know there are people out there much busier than me. I know lots of people are busy. But I’m so tired. By the time Friday evening hits, I basically just collapse.

If you want to read something I’ve written recently check out 

I got a couple posts planned but just not ready or in the mood to write anything decent.

Peace out pals, will update with something decent soon!

The Worst Movie Tropes

Hey dawgs! Haven’t written in a while. Well actually I did write a short story for my side-blog with a friend, but I forgot to do a post here to direct people over there haha. Anyway, this is a topic I’ve been thinking about for a while and thought it would make for a fun blog.

So tropes are plot devices or scenes that show up in lots of different forms of media. Kinda like a cliche, but cliche implies bad and tropes can be bad or good. An example would be like how every animal sports movie has a scene where the refs check the rule book and then say “There is no rule that says a (animal) can’t play (sports)”. refers to this as the Animal Athlete Loophole . But there are lots of tropes that aren’t as awesome as that one and are really annoying or just generally lower the quality of the entire movie/show/whatever.

Here are a couple of my least favourite movie tropes.

1) Explosive Leash

Ok you know when a guy puts a weird collar on you and forces you to do crimes for him, or else it explodes? That’s an explosive leash. To be fair, some movies use this well and I don’t hate it automatically. BUT what I do hate is when a movie just like throws it in for convenience. “Why don’t you guys just leave this bad situation?” “Oh because uhhhhhh they put a bomb in our head and if we leave it blows up”. Like that’s so lazy. Star Wars Phantom Menace does this. Suicide Squad does this. I think even like one of the Blade movies does it. It just feels like such a cop out. Why does a character do this thing? What motivates them? Those are important questions and if the only answer is “or else they’ll explode” well that just sucks.

2) A Wise Council of Nobodies

Oh no! A horrible thing is happening! What should we do? Instead of coming up with a creative plan or following the established character traits which inevitably drives us into a certain direction… let’s just ask the wise council of people nobody has heard of! Hmm they’re apparently super powerful but they don’t help at all but maybe they’ll give us guidance. Probably they’ll just lecture us and tell us we can’t do something and then we’ll have to find the courage to rebel against their orders. It’s almost like, going to talk to them was a total waste of time and actively makes the universe of our story more frustrating!

3) The Prophecy/the Chosen One

Ok lots of beloved franchises do this and I’m not saying Harry Potter or the Matrix is bad because of the chosen one prophecy. But 95% of the time prophecies in movies are so dumb and actually make the movie worst. If a movie ever says something like “uh but the prophecy has foretold he would be the chosen one!” then there are a couple of questions the audience are likely to ask. Who is it that made this prophecy? What gives their words authority? HP and Matrix handle these well, but bad movies don’t. Can the prophecy be misinterpreted? What do the words even mean? Star Wars prequels constantly throw around the prophecy about Anakin but like the prophecy itself “to bring balance to the Force” is like kinda a meaningless phrase. But the most frustrating part of all is that once you establish a character as some sort of “chosen one” all of the sudden, the stakes are gone because the audience never has to worry about that character again. The gods have foretold they will live and even if they die they’ll just come right back. So all those action scenes they are in start to get a little less exciting because we’ve already been told by a divine power that this character is going to be fine.

This was a fun post for me and I think I might do another one of this sort soon! If there’s any like common thing in movies that bugs you, let me know in the comments or whatever. Peace out friends and pals!

My 2017 Year End Review

Whoa I can’t believe I’m actually doing this post on time. Normally this happens mid-January or even February. But I am more than ready for 2017 to be over and so it is time for my annual review of everything!

Movies I Liked

Starting with film because that’s what I did the most of this year. I only saw about 25-30ish movies of 2017 (my total for the year was around 330) but out of the ones I saw there were a few movies I really liked. I thought It was pretty good. Relied a little too heavily on jumpscares but was still decent. Logan was really good. I had some problems with the story but the movie itself was really well done. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was also great and while a lot of people liked it more than the first, I liked the first one just a little bit better. Oh also Wonder Woman was decent.

Best Movie(s) of the Year

I didn’t have one movie that I unreservedly loved (that I’ve seen, I still haven’t seen Dunkirk, Ladybird, Mother, or a ton of others that have been widely praised) but there were two movies that I liked a lot, above the rest. Those would be Get Out and Baby Driver. Both of these movies are really good and I would absolutely recommend them.

Bad Movies of the Year

Geostorm was super dumb and too boring to be fun. The new Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers movies were both horrible CGI nightmares that I thought were thoroughly bad movies. I had to watch Boss Baby with one of my clients and that movie hurt my brain. Same with LEGO Ninjago. I really didn’t like those movies and any other year either one could’ve been my pick for worst movie but this year was special.

Worst Movie(s) of the Year

Tough competition this year but two movies stood out from the rest in terms of bad. Adam Sandler’s Sandy Wexler on Netflix is probably one of the most annoying movies I’ve seen and one of the worst Sandler movies ever. Then there is The Emoji Movie which is unbelievably bad. It is shocking. I expected it to be dumb and to be just a product placement filled animated movie with some silly little laughs but it is like super not funny, it makes no sense, and the whole thing is just about how great apps are. The message is dumb and kinda evil. I rarely say that I “hate” a movie, even bad movies I kinda enjoy, but this thing… oh boy. I hated it.

Movies I Was Disappointed With

I didn’t like Thor Ragnarok very much and when that came out so many people were praising it as just the best comic book movie ever made. The new Kingsman was pretty disappointing compared to the original. Alien: Covenant and Kong Skull Island were both okay I guess but didn’t really appeal to me.

Video Games I Liked

Well this year I played a few games. I bought South Park: Fractured But Whole and it came with Stick of Truth. I enjoyed both games but you really have to be into that style of humour. I personally thought Stick of Truth was funnier, but that Fractured But Whole was a better game. I liked Battlefield 1 and Far Cry Primal was alright. I’m just now getting into Overwatch and that is a pretty great game (when you have a good team).

Top Video Game(s)

Again I gotta give it to two different ones. I got into Stardew Valley and that is such a fun little game that I was able to sink a lot of hours into and not get bored with. Playing that game is relaxing and it reminded me of the days playing games like Harvest Moon on Super Nintendo. Give it a try. My other game of the year was Final Fantasy XV. That game is ridiculously good. The story and the characters are awesome. Plus it is a lot of fun to play. I found myself in the middle of the game thinking “yeah this game is pretty good I guess” but by the end I was like “I LOVE THIS”. There were a few things that could’ve been done to make it better but overall it is so good.

Worst Video Game

Only one game I played really let me down this year and that was Mass Effect Andromeda. It has like none of the charm of the other Mass Effect games and everything about the story and the dialogue is just so stupid. The gameplay is okay most of the time, sometimes it glitches, but even when it is working 100% it isn’t fun enough to make up for all of the story and character problems.

Best Books I Read

I read 30 books or plays this year! Which… is shy of my goal of 50. I honestly thought I would’ve done more readings in my classes but oh well. I loved Lord of the Flies by William Golding. It just gets so intense at the end and I feel like it says so much about society. I also loved On the Road by Jack Kerouac. It really romanticized the drifter life and made me want to just pack up my car and drive across the country and see what happens. I think my absolute favourite might have been A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. It is a very masculine romance story. It shows the brutality and senselessness of war and has this theme of finding what you love, grabbing hold of it, and doing whatever it takes to be with it.

Books I Didn’t Like

I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and it started really well but gets kinda bogged down and is really anticlimactic. Salt Fish Girl by Larissa Lai tries to do too many things at once and I thought the main character made way too many dumb decisions. Moby Dick by Herman Melville frustrated me a lot. It was such a chore to get through the middle of that book which is nothing but whalemen’s descriptions of whale anatomy, and the whaling lifestyle, and the philosophy of whalemen and it’s just like… give me some story already! The actual story is pretty good but I hate the way it is told (bogging it down with so much useless info).

TV I Liked

Barely watched any TV this year! I watched Rick and Morty season 3 which was okay, but not nearly as good as earlier seasons. I watched Luke Cage which I actually didn’t like. Oh and GLOW on Netflix which was pretty decent.

Music I Liked

My tastes were all over the place this year. Beginning of the year I got really into Dave Matthews Band (especially the song Crush). By the summer I got hooked on Despacito (preferably the original non-Bieber version) and then Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift. After that phase ended I got big into Fleetwood Mac, The Tragically Hip, and David Bowie.

Foods I Liked

Popcorn still reigns supreme for my fav junk food though I’ve expanded a little bit. I really like that “Chicago Mix” cheese and caramel stuff. I tried Butter Chicken for the first time and really liked it. Oh and I ate just an insane amount of Taco Bell this year. 2 of my 3 different homes throughout the year were very close to KFC/Taco Bell and whenever I didn’t feel like cooking or didn’t have groceries I would go there.

Top Crushes of the Year

Jeez what a category this year. There was Work Bae, Work Bae 2.0, Hot Punk, Creepy Girl, Bowling Alley Babe, and then University Friend. I went on a couple of dates. Got threatened by one girl. Had an old lady stick her tongue in my ear (long story but it wasn’t as fun as it sounds).

Well, I think I got it all! I hope you enjoyed this and I really want to do one more kinda personal post before the end of the year talking about 2017 and how it has felt like the year that just would not end. In case that doesn’t happen, Happy New Year and peace out pals.

Why I Won’t Go See The Last Jedi

I used to be a huge Star Wars fan. As a kid I saw the original trilogy about a thousand times and loved them. I loved Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, Chewie, the robots… everything. I even liked the prequels when I was younger and even though I didn’t like them as much, I could never have dreamed of a day when I wouldn’t want to go see a new Star Wars movie. But here we are.

So a few years ago, I rewatched the prequels and realized how bad they are as movies. I saw the Red Letter Media reviews on the prequels and it pointed out a lot of different reasons why the prequels are bad but also pointed out a lot of different film-making stuff that made me start viewing movies in a new way and sort of started out my passion for film as more than just dumb movies.

When The Force Awakens came out I was cautiously optimistic. I didn’t like the second half of the movie (which plot-wise was a clone of the original) but I thought the movie was pretty good. I started getting really annoyed when people were calling it the best movie ever and stuff because… it wasn’t. It wasn’t even the best Star Wars movie haha. It was just a good solidly entertaining movie. Then I saw Rogue One and I was really disappointed. I felt like that movie was definitely going for fan service rather than actual substance. It was going for like a Saving Private Ryan thing without first forming emotional connections to the characters and I thought that the movie totally missed the point of characters like Darth Vader.

After Rogue One I decided I would wait and see what people were saying before going to see The Last Jedi myself. Here are the things that changed my mind:

1) The Disney Tone – I realized something after watching Spider-man Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok. Almost all Marvel/Star Wars/Disney stuff have the exact same tone. The tone is always light. It always has a bit of emotion, but then undercuts emotional moments with humour so that the movie doesn’t get too dramatic. Things are always kind of clever, but then they’ll explain it to the audience like they’re stupid. They always try to play it safe. They often try to give moral lessons that are very like… basic humanities level lessons, like stuff you would tell a child. You know things like “girls are just as good as boys” which should be common knowledge but I guess isn’t? With Spider-man and Thor I also realized that these movies are becoming increasingly more “meta”. The actors are giving little winks to the audience here and there and none of the characters take anything seriously and they are constantly sort of pointing out and deconstructing the fact that they are in a movie. This leads to some mildly funny but forgettable comedy… and a movie that becomes hard to take seriously. There are no stakes because not only does the audience know that certain characters will probably not die, but the characters themselves seem to know it and will say sarcastic one liners when they are in danger.

2) Mixed Reception – The initial reaction to The Last Jedi has been mixed. The type of people who are 100% on board the Disney train love it and are hyping it up as the best Star Wars yet… but I hear people say that every new Disney movie. According to Rottentomatoes, critics are responding well, audiences are at 50%… which is kind of the opposite of what usually happens for a big blockbuster. Some of my friends are saying “this is the best movie ever!” while others are saying “it tries too hard to be funny” and others are saying “THE SJWS ARE WRECKING STAR WARS”.

3) Ruined Expectations – A common thing I hear from the Star Wars fans who don’t like this movie, is that everything that was set up in The Force Awakens is essentially ruined or brushed aside in The Last Jedi. Stuff that was hyped up by JJ Abrams, stuff that the fans have been theorizing about or arguing about… has been given less than satisfactory answers. One of my biggest complaints about The Force Awakens is that it wasn’t a complete movie – so many things are set up as questions that don’t receive answers. So if The Last Jedi gives disappointing answers then it kind of ruins both movies.

4) Luke Skywalker – When Wonder Woman came out I heard just a ton of people say how important it is for little girls to have good role models like that. Well when I was a little boy, Luke Skywalker was my Wonder Woman. He was this farm boy who couldn’t wait to go out and see the world(s). He had good friends and was this charismatic popular guy, but he was also kinda introverted and really religious. I saw a lot of myself in Luke. That’s why I don’t want to see him ruined. I’ve heard some things about the treatment of Luke in The Last Jedi that aren’t great, but to be honest, even if his depiction was really good, it would’ve probably still bothered me a little bit, just because of how important the character is to me. I mean… Han Solo was kinda ruined in The Force Awakens (seeing him looking so old as he ran around trying to be a 25 year old was sad). I just don’t know if I could see Luke like that.

5) The Stuff Being Hyped About The Last Jedi Are Negatives for Me – Here’s what I was hearing about The Last Jedi before it came out: it is the longest Star Wars movie ever and Porgs. So I almost always hate long movies. I thought the Lord of the Rings movies were too long, and those are good movies. Revenge of the Sith which was the previous longest Star Wars movie was way too long. A movie’s length should not be a selling feature. Then the Porgs look like cutesy little CGI puffballs and the trailer really tells us nothing about them.

So, that’s it. I’m not going to go see it in theatres. I might watch it later but honestly I just have no interest in it. And honestly I’m kinda really bummed out about the future of Star Wars. A while ago Disney announced plans to do a new Star Wars movie every single year, and after three years I’m already done on it. I can’t imagine what it will be like next year with the Young Han Solo movie. Or whenever they do the young Yoda movie. Or in 2025 when they do Star Wars Episode 12 or whatever. With no end date in sight, I’ve just lost all hope for the series entirely.

And on that positive note, I’ll say good-bye! Peace out friends! Hope you have a good Christmas or whatever!

Phase 1 of the SCU

Welcome to the beginning of the Sheldon’s Change Undertaking… that’s right folks, I made up a horrible acronym just as a bad joke about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I regret the time it took to think of a word that started with C that made sense in context!

This is going to be kind of a more informal post where I write out my thoughts of how I plan to actually achieve my “30 things to do in my 30s” list. It’s to serve as both a public brainstorm sesh (hit up those comments people) and maybe this will help anyone who is similarly setting some long term goals and aren’t really sure where to start. Here’s what I’m doing so far:

1) Lists, More Lists, and Prioritizing – I’ve always been… inefficient when it comes to getting anything done. I often get distracted by unimportant but urgent tasks, forget long term goals in favour of short term pleasure, or let procrastination and depression destroy time that I could use to accomplish stuff. A few years ago I discovered the power of organization through things like to-do lists and calendars. So I created a master document on my computer with all of my goals (from the last post). Some of the items on the list are things that I simply can’t get started on yet so I moved them to the bottom of my list and decided to focus on the things that I need to accomplish first/need to be working on regularly.

2) Organization Apps – Then I took the things on the list that are daily/monthly type tasks and put them into my phone. I use two main apps for this sort of thing. SplenDO is a to-do list that let’s you input tasks that can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or just one time things. Every morning at 8 am the app tells you what you need to accomplish that day. I’ve used it for a while now and it has definitely helped me stay on top of my school work. The other app I use is just Microsoft OneNote which lets you create easy checklists that can be synced up with the computer. I use that one for stuff like “Read All Shakespeare”. Well, I just made a checklist with all of the plays I haven’t read yet, and then when I do read one, I can check it off the list. Nice and easy.

3) Weight Loss and Side-Hustle – I put these as my two first priorities. They seem like a good place to start since I think the accomplishment of these two goals will help me achieve all of the others. I’ve decided for weight loss to start by making meal plans that are relatively low carb and high in protein and vegetables and to stick to those plans. In January of this year I lost like 30lbs just by doing this but then I kinda slowly gave it up as I stopped following my meal plans. I also want to really document my “weightloss journey” on here and my social media. That way I can have friends encourage me when I try to quit, I can encourage others when I start making progress, and when I start doing really well it will help with my already prestigious online flirt game. Side-Hustle I really want to improve but I honestly don’t know where to start. I don’t have time while I’m in school to get a second job, so I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to make money by doing stuff that I already enjoy doing. I’m looking into maybe becoming a streamer for gaming or whatever only I don’t really understand it since I don’t find watching other people play to be that entertaining. I’m also thinking of starting a movie focused youtube channel or even some kind of podcast. I’m still wrestling with it but I’m trying to make it a creative thing.

4) Definition, Clarification, and More Lists – A few of the items on my list are kind of vague so I’m also dedicating some time this month to really defining each item on the list. For home decoration, I’m making lists of all of the furniture I want for each room so that when I do find some money somehow I can start buying what I need. For 3000 movies, I’ve found a bunch of different recommendation lists, as well as just made a list of a bunch of movies I haven’t seen that I’ve always wanted to see. Right now my “to-watch” list is somewhere around 1400 which is a pretty good start. For Ultimate Party and Legendary Summer (I can’t remember the dumb adjectives I used) I’m just figuring out the qualifications for what I consider to be ultimate and legendary.

5) Future Online Plans – I have a feeling this “30 Things” list is going to be a regular feature on this blog, especially as I talk about my progress, my weight loss, as well as like the movies I watch and the cultural events I attend. A friend of mine and I are starting up a side-blog together where we share some posts that are going to help me achieve one of the other goals on my list, so stay tuned for that. I also plan to just post more regularly on here and work on improving my social media all around. If I do decide to do a podcast or something, I’m going to want an audience so I have to start working on that now.

Thanks for reading this! If you’ve got any long term goals you want to share feel free to hit up the comments, or if you’ve got any suggestions for me with mine, I’d also love to hear them! Peace out!